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5 Element Coaching Certificate Program

  • 7Weeks
  • 43Steps


This is a workshop that offers both personal and professional skills. This certificate program usese the ancient principles and psycho-somatic qualities of the 5 elements to heal and transform our heart and mind. + Develop skills for one on one sessions. + Deepen your own personal development. + Discover how to hold sacred 5 Element circles with your community. You get to choose your start date, simply select it from the menu when you register. Please put aside two hours per module per week so you are committed to complete this sacred and reflective training within the 5 week period. Each module asks you to reply to me directly so that we can stay in connection and I can hear your voice, support you and follow your journey. Be sure to reach out to book your complimentary half hour coaching call. This is valid for the duration of your 5 week program only. * This program is available for 6 weeks only > please complete it within the time frame. This includes weekly check in's and a half hour coaching session with Adria. With love Adria

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