Claire Vardy

Practitioner Level

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Fusion Acupressure Practitioner Level Certificate, 500 Hr Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga



Phone:  778-884-6869

Comox, BC, Canada

To receive Fusion Acupressure is an opportunity to access the healing power within. Similar to acupuncture, touch is applied to points on the body to encourage flow of energy through the meridians (channels that run throughout the body and to vital organs) and to allow for the release of energy blockages. States of deep relaxation and release provide the body with an opportunity to rest, digest and repair/heal (parasympathetic state)




Access to Fusion Acupressure sessions in 2016 was the starting point of my interest and desire to study this healing modality. First-hand experience of receiving sessions convinced me of its' healing power and gracious invitation to personal growth. Now a Fusion Acupressure practitioner, it is a joy to hold space for those who wish to journey into holistic well-being.