Level 2 - Psychic Channels

Unit 3 - Acupressure for the Mind & Spirit

Psychic Channels - Extra Meridians & Channeling

This class teaches you the Extraordinary Vessels (also known as the Psychic Channels), and how they can be used to support and balance all of the energetic bands and meridians in the body for homeostasis. These energy pathways access the blue print of the human energy field and are an effective way of restoring peace and balance to the body and psyche. Develop your intuition and integrate muscle testing into your practice.

Advanced Integration - Intuitive Coaching

This is an advanced class that ties all of the earlier training together. Learn how to

Assist your client in understanding the subconscious messages from their body and introduce your own intuitive skill in coaching them towards their goal and changing their beliefs about their body and their mind.

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Pre Requisite:

Unit 1 & 2


Why Study these Psychic Channels?

Learn about 8 additional Energy Channels (also known as the Extraordianry or Strange Channels) and acupoint combinations to open and balance your body, mind and spirit by tapping into the energetic blue print.


These Psychic Channels are responsible for bringing the body into homeostasis and offer fabulous integrative techniques to balance the whole.


These channels act as the great Homeostasis and are effective at creating balance and restoring harmony to the body mind and spirit.


Included in this training is techniques for channeling, muscle testing, energy emission and Intuitive coaching techniques.


What you will learn:

Over 24 acupoints and how to apply them for

            Emotional release (stress, anxiety, depression, lost joy)

            Physical balance (back pain, digestion, breath)

            Spiritual alignment (sense of Self, direction, centered)


What these Psychic Channels can Do:


The Extraordinary Channels as an Ancient Chinese system that can:

            Balance the whole body

            Tap into intuitive and spiritual alignment

            Restore physical tension to health

            To create relaxation and well-being



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A Certificate of Fusion Acupressure

Once you have completed Level 2 Training you are required to complete 40 hours of clinic logs, plus a follow up private tuition with the teacher.