Tania Purgar

Practitioner Level

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Practitioner Level 2019,  Reiki Master Massage Therapist Reflexologist Certified Crystal Healer


Email: creatingoneness@gmail.com

Phone: 0412356877

Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia


I am the owner and practitioner of Creating Oneness - Tania Marie, Holistic Soul Medicine



My vision is to facilitate healing for the hearts and souls of the beings that journey this Earth. I am deeply committed to ‘Creating Oneness’ – assisting people to live a life in true alignment with their ‘Self’ - to facilitate a greater sense of wellbeing and highest purpose realization. For years I have been passionate about nature, animals, crystals, essences, essential oils, holistic health products and alternative healing methods. Over time, whilst searching for my own true path, I explored these modalities, always knowing deep within that they were important to me and somehow connected to my greater mission on Earth of serving others.


My world, view, thoughts and life changed entirely in such a profoundly positive way when a friend introduced me to Reiki. Whilst immersing myself in this amazing new world, I was able to heal my own wounds, and discover my intuitive gifts which I am now able to share with you all. I now dedicate my life to constant evolution, divining the masculine and feminine energies within, living as one with the Self and Mother Earth, in a conscious living state. I am a life student in the art of energy healing, reiki, traditional herbal medicine, sound and movement therapies, massage, reflexology, fusion acupressure, as well as a womb priestess.


The knowledge and skills I have obtained throughout my life has finally allowed me to travel the journey that my soul has been longing for, which is to help others reach a state of harmony and complete mind, body spirit and soul wellbeing. It is my dream to share my knowledge and intuition to help others find the tools to heal themselves and discover their greatest desires and highest purpose.