Integrating Acupressure . Energy Healing . Life Coaching

Certificate Training

Follow your calling to be an energy healer and
discover the magic of acupressure.

Fusion Acupressure Method teaches you about acupressure and energy healing. You will learn how to balance the 12 meridians, ease pain, clear the mind, and align with your heart. You will learn ancient Chinese wisdom with modern psychotherapy tools for personal and professional interest.

This training is available for anyone from a massage therapist, nurse or for self-care. You will learn techniques that will take you on your own personal journey of healing, while learning how to support the healing of others.

How do I become a practitioner?

Practitioner Level Cert - Just starting out

You are feeling a big YES to the call!

The great news is anyone can practice acupressure and this introductory training is a step-by step guide for anyone to learn the power and magic of acupressure for personal or professional interest.

This training is recognized by IICT & eligible for Insurance Coverage.


Advanced & Master Certificate

- Deepening your Wisdom

You love this work and want to deepen your skills and build more confidence.

This in-depth training will cover everything you need to know to become a powerful practitioner with rich theory, self development and integration. If you wish to further your studies you can take the

Step 2.

Advanced Training Immersion

Step 3.

 The 5 Element Coaching Certificate Online 

Step 4.

 Private mentoring & Supervision Sessions

The Master Requirements

When you add the Advanced training to your Practitioner Training you create a dynamic 11 day immersion.

Check the Calendar for full options

The Fusion Method

Fusion Acupressure Method is an integration of Ancient Chinese Healing Principles, Acupressure, Energy Emission, Taoist Teachings, and Coaching Techniques. 


In this modality the client remains fully clothed and finger pressure is applied to different pressure points with deliberate intention to move energy, clear blocks and support introspection.


The pressure point itself is like an energy vortex that communicates between the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind itself.

Although the Fusion Acupressure Method focuses on touch and talk therapy to clear, and balance the body, mind and spirit, you will also learn other ancient and modern methods including meditation, coaching, guided breathing and visualization to deepen your clients experience and invite healing and harmony to the whole.

acupressure for everyone


You do not need to have any experience to benefit from this unique modality. If you are a nurse, a massage therapist, a mum, an energy healer or someone simply interested in immersing in a deep transformation healing journey,

this training is for you!

full curriculum

Practitioner Certificate

Advanced Certificate 

5 Element Coaching Certificate

Master Certificate

Private Mentoring

Not just a practitioner training

Each session varies deeply and is carefully led by the practitioner. Your time on the table can be deeply relaxing, invite incredible clarity and a sense of trance like insight, while easing physical tension in an extraordinary way.

During a session, there is also an opportunity for a client to begin to process locked emotions and beliefs stored in cellular memory, injury and or simply held in the breath. It is an honor to support a client’s release, and you will be taught how to practice heart centered presence, coaching and breath techniques to keep you grounded and support the healing for the client.


As the practitioner, you will be trained in how to facilitate a session with simple curiosity, how to support a client in setting their goal, how to invoke your higher guidance and how to clear energy at the end of the session to support you and your clients healing.

insight, wisdom & healing for everyone

All Certificate training is recognized internationally with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies. Adria is also an approved training provider.


This was more then a class, this was an answer to a journey of life I am on... your presentation and authenticity are a light - you are a gifted teacher

Adria is an intelligent, engaging presenter who adapts beautifully to her audiance. She teaches a balance of theory and practical applications that leaves me feeling empowered to adopt new techniques into my life. How excting! 


 Sara Redman



Even if you are an experienced acupuncturist, kinesiologist, massage therapist, reflexologist you will get so much from this course - learning a new way to work with the energy body. Adria is such a wonderful teacher, kind, compassionate - walks her talk


Elaine Olive