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Personal or Professional Interest

discover the magic of acupressure


The Practitioner Level is a 6.5 day training that teaches you what acupressure is, how to apply touch therapy to ease tension, balance energy and clear beliefs.  You will develop a greater understanding of the metaphysical connection between the meridian pathways, the body, the corresponding emotions, and the psycho-spiritual connection of each pressure point.


This training is more than a practitioner training, it is an invitation to heal, grow and transform on a cellular level.

The Practitioner Certificate

Just starting out

You are feeling a big YES to the call!

The great news is anyone can practice acupressure and this introductory training is a step-by step guide for anyone to learn the power and magic of acupressure for personal or professional interest.


Practitioner Level is recognized by

 The International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT), and insurance.


The Advanced & Master Certificate

Deepening your Wisdom

You love this work and want to deepen your skills and build more confidence.

This in-depth training will cover everything you need to know to become a powerful practitioner with rich theory, self development and integration. If you wish to further your studies you can join the following in any order. Completing all four modules results in the Master Certificate


Practitioner Certificate 

Advanced Certificate

The 5 Element Coaching Certificate 

 Private mentoring & Supervision Sessions

When you add the Advanced training to your Practitioner Training you create a dynamic 11 day immersion.

Check the Calendar for full options

Holding Hands

" Attending Adria’s Fusion Acupressure training was without a doubt one of the most profound experiences of my life, personally and professionally.


Adria’s wisdom, guidance and support is everything a student could want. Not only did I walk away with additional skills to use in practice, I found a woman I am proud to be and want to share with this world.


This course is a wonderful place to start as a practitioner or compliment any current therapies already in use. The skills learnt can be tailored to suit clients of all ages, personalities and beliefs.


The Krishna Village was an exquisite venue - allowing space to learn the healing techniques of fusion acupressure while also immersing yourself in the reflective nature of this work.


I am forever grateful to Adria for sharing her knowledge and look forward to more training with her!"

Emma Dean

insight & learning


Day 1. Opening Ceremony - Evening Only

Day 2. Clearing the Conscious – The Mask

Learn points on the face, neck and shoulders to ease tension, release headaches, clear the mind and deepen relaxation

Day 3. Letting Go – Metal Element

Learn about the Lung & Large Intestine Meridian, pressure points & Qi Gong posture to support opening and letting go

Day 4. Grounding – Earth Element

Discover the nurturing quality of the Stomach and Spleen meridian, the Qi Gong postures and open to self worth and the mother archetype

Day 5. Open to Joy – Fire Element

Learn the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater and Pericardium pathways, thier pressure points and Qi Gong postures to improve presence, calm the mind and invite love

Day 6. Will to become – Water Element

Enjoy the supportive quality of the Bladder and Kidney meridian and the power of Qi Gong as you learn the power of trust, will and resolve.

Day 7. Benevolence – Wood Element

The Liver and Gallbladder meridian inspires doing, manifesting and harmonizes anger. Discover Qi Gong postures and the power of these pressure points in session to harmonize and balance Qi.

*Prac Grads can register with IICT

online video + handouts + booklet + charts

Awaken inner wisdom, connect with ancient knowledge, deepen your personal practice

This training is an immersion, a retreat and an invaluable teaching

Sessions are fully clothed, specific pressure points are combined with Inner Guidance to access the subconscious and long standing beliefs manifested as tension. Energy is moved in the body with breath, touch and gentle compression.

each day you will learn, practice & anchor knowledge


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The Curriculum

Qi Gong Postures

Learn the Five Element Qi Gong Series, meditation and breath to cultivate energy for personal practice

Acupressure and Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Learn the ancient philosophies of Chinese Medicine, yin yang, 12 organ meridians, Shu points, meridian palpation, pulses,  6 recipes for easy sessions, how to individualize a session, and over 120 acupoints. 

Energetic Hygiene

Learn basic techniques to prepare for a session, and clear after a session

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Techniques

Practice powerful communication skills, coaching techniques, some NLP,  body tracking, plus receive sessions for your own personal development and healing

Class Material

Comprehensive manual, handouts, and a  2.5 hour online power point presentation.


Once you have completed your training you are encouraged to book a follow up supervision session and private tuition online.

discovery & self love


Each Day you will learn a combination of Chinese Healing techniques, Western principles of psychotherapy, energy clearing and surrender into your own personal healing.


This training is more than just a practitioner certificate, it is a way of being, a gift for personal use and a skill set for life.

+ Identify your own goals and limiting beliefs +

+ Exchange sessions to receive healing and balance body mind and spirit +

+ Connect, practice presence, be authentic, and open into the heart +

+ Align with your unique gifts +

Build Confidence

This is a rich learning with layers of theory, practice and experience that suites the kinesthetic, audio or visual learner. The training is offered in a gentle, repetitive, inclusive and encouraging way. Handouts, note books, recipes for sessions and coloring in are all part of the learning material.

How we learn

  • Kinesthetic, Visual and Audio learning

  • Repetitive practice and guidance for point location

  • Experience sessions and guided meditations to deepen and anchor learning

  • Booklets and handouts for easy session templates

class rates & immersions


The 6.5 day training includes booklets, learning material and a 2.5 hour online power point presentation covering some basic theory. Supervision is not included and highly recommended for ongoing personal & professional guidance. 

Accommodation and vegetarian meals are reflected in the training rates and check in is the night before class start date.

Upcoming Dates 6.5 Days


May 2 weekends - TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA

East Coast, Private Residence

$1400 includes basic accommodation *Save $200 if register before April 1st

Check in Friday 6th Opening Ceremony at 7 pm, Starts 9 am May 7th, 8th & 9th & part two is Friday 20th, 21, 22nd

June 17 to 23 - NSW, AUSTRALIA

Krishna Village near Byron Bay - Residential or Non-Residential

$1400 plus accommodation & meal package

Check in Friday 17th Opening Ceremony at 7 pm, Starts 9 am June 18th, course ends on the 23rd at 6 pm (6 nights)

November 11 to 17 - NSW, AUSTRALIA

Krishna Village near Byron Bay - Residential or Non-Residential

$1400 plus accommodation & meal package

Check in Friday 11th Opening Ceremony at 7 pm, 12th 9 am start, course ends 17th at 6 pm (6 nights)


Extend your stay and add on the Advanced Certificate training.

Immerse yourself in 11 days of incredible learning!



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Practitioner Training Certificate
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Advanced Training Certificate
Five Element Coaching & Self Mastery Certificate
About Adria Ellis

Adria is an aproved trainer by IICT in both Canada and Australia.

Certificate training is recognised by IICT

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