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Acupressure & The 5 Elements Fusion 101

The 5 Element Coaching

Choose From:

Acupressure & the 5 Elements Fusion 101, or The 5 Element Coaching


Both of these 6 week programs are Self-Paced and include slides, videos, interactive Check in, a certificate of completion, and a complimentary Discovery Session with Adria Ellis to support you on your journey.


Acupressure & The 5 Elements
Fusion 101 Certificate

This 6 week Self-Paced program is for you if you you want to learn about Ancient Chinese methods of healing including understanding the Elements in depth, the organ meridians, what healing is, up to 100 Acupressure points and an introduction into the Fusion Acupressure Method for Self-Care, friends and family. 

*Certificate of completion if finished within 6 weeks


"This course was a joy to move through,  and I felt supported from start to finish. Watching the videos was my favourite part of the program, I love the way you speak its soothing and I was easily able to follow along with the E-Book you provided, soaking up all the teachings.  I came into the course thinking I was doing an acupressure course and I ended up leaving with a deeper knowledge of so much more, especially a deeper connection with myself. I am so happy I signed up." Nathalie R

5 Element Coaching Certificate

The 6 week Self-Paced Self Mastery Certificate Training is 5 individual modules that teaches you about the Ancient Chinese principles of the 5 elements, techniques in Counselling, Coaching and Intuitive Development. This training aims to give you skills to support friends and clients with one on one coaching techniques, to facilitate a series of Self Mastery Circles, and to deepen your own personal empowerment. 

* Certificate of Completion if finished within 5 weeks


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