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Dancing Hands

Master Mind, Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching For Prac Grads & 5 Element Grads
Support - ReviSION - SUCCESS

The Fusion Practitioner Training is a brilliant learning experience that is designed to improve your confidence and success as a practitioner.   


 Many workshops fill us up with fabulous knowledge and leave us to integrate and trouble shoot on our own. This is why the mentorship program is an essential way to truly align with the teachings, and with your own personal goals.


. If you feel you want to practice Fusion Acupressure then being part of the mentoring program is an absolute Must!

Mentoring gives students 100% confidence accountability and success.



Support and Clearing Fear

Trouble Shooting

Questions and Answers

Marketing & Support with your Bio


Personal Supervisions

Prac Grads:
2023 to 2024 dates

Online Monday 6 pm to 7:30 pm Sydney Time

2023: Sept 4th, Oct 2, Oct 30th, Dec 11th,

2024: Jan 8th, Feb 5th, March 4th, March 25th, April 29th, May 29th, June 17th, September 9th, October 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd

5 Element Grads:
2023 to 2024 dates

Online Monday at 7 pm to 8:30 Sydney Time

Dec 11th, Jan 15th, Feb 19th, March 11, April 1, May 6, June 10

You will need to pre-select the dates you will attend.

Even if you miss it, we can record the class for you


"Thank you for a wonderful supervision session. I enjoyed it so much!

It really helps to get motivation, to share and talk about acupressure with you and other practitioners, and also to just open my computer and be in an online session. I'm deeply grateful and looking forward for the next one.... " Nikki

Private One on One


Private one on one
half-hour coaching

1 Session: $75

Group Coaching


3 to 6 months of Group coaching at 1.5 hours per session 

* Session recorded if you miss one

Drop In: $90

3 Months: $255

6 Months: $450

"Lovely session tonight and always grateful for your wisdom and guidance as I navigate this new modality. I love how the sessions just flow even if it is in directions that we did not anticipate. Thankyou..... Kirsty"


"It is amazing to me how inspiring and incredible this time is together. I have learned so much and feel so much more grounded in how to bring this work into the world.... " Sarah

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