5 Element Coaching Certificate


Facilitate Sacred Circles . One on One Sessions . Self Empowerment

Consciously create a life you love and learn techniques to
facilitate other's on their healing journey.


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Five Element Coaching Certificate

Would you like to feel more empowered?

Are you ready to support the wellbeing of others?

Do you want to facilitate Self Mastery Circles?


The Self Mastery Certificate Training is a 5 week online training that teaches you about the Ancient Chinese principles of the 5 elements, techniques in Counselling, Coaching and Intuitive Development.


This training aims to give you skills to support friends and clients with one on one coaching techniques, to facilitate a series of Self Mastery Circles, and to deepen your own personal empowerment.

The aim of this Certificate Training is to teach you to:
Facilitate Group Sessions
Offer one on one coaching
Support friends and family
Personal Development  
Lead guided meditations



Is this for you?

All levels welcome for personal or professional interest.

If you have studied Fusion Acupressure, this training deepens your coaching skills and is a fabulous review of the theory and practice of the mind and spirit. 

This training is for you if:
+ You have a general interest in Ancient Chinese Medicine

+ You desire to understand your Self better to live an empowered life

+ You are interested in learning about an ancient map of the psyche

+ You are a Therapist who wants to deepen Talk Therapy skills

+ You would like to offer Sacred Mastery Circles

+ You would like to offer One on One Coaching

+ Fusion Acupressure Graduates who would like to build confidence

What you will learn:

Self Mastery Certificate Overview

Each week you will learn 

+ 5 Element Theory, the archetypes & emotional influence

+ Meditation for each element

+ 5 Element Coaching Questions

+ Counselling & Coaching Skills 

+ Intuitive Development, Remote Viewing & Energetic Hygiene

Week 1. Letting Go – Metal Element

Learn about the Lung & Large Intestine & psychosomatic influence on the mind and spirit

Week 2. Grounding – Earth Element

Discover the nurturing quality of the Stomach and Spleen, open to self worth and the mother archetype. Plus the psychosomatic influence on the mind and spirit

Week 3. Open to Joy – Fire Element

Learn the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater and Pericardium, to improve presence, calm the mind and invite love. Plus the psychosomatic influence on the mind and spirit

Week 4. Will to become – Water Element

Enjoy the supportive quality of the Bladder and Kidney the power of trust, will and resolve. Plus the psychosomatic influence on the mind and spirit

Week 5. Benevolence – Wood Element

The Liver and Gallbladder meridian inspires doing, manifesting and harmonizes anger. Plus the psychosomatic influence on the mind and spirit. You will also learn how to hold a workshop and or apply your skills in one on one sessions. 

What's Included
Awaken inner wisdom, connect with ancient knowledge, deepen your personal practice and invoke the sacred

This training is an in-depth enquiry into yourself, an opportunity to deepen communication & awaken your intuition

+ Workbook and manual

+ Written Meditations for you to use in sessions or group settings

+ A little extra: information on psychotherapy and spirit

+ Guideline on how to offer The 5 Element Sessions & Circles

+ Class is recorded for revision or missed sessions

+ Certificate of completion


Live Online Training

 Join a live group which includes group discussion Q&A and interpersonal activities.

A recorded version is coming soon. 

The Curriculum

5 Element Theory

Learn the Five Element Qi Gong Series, meditation and breath to cultivate energy for personal practice

Counselling & Coaching Techniques

Learn powerful communication skills, coaching techniques, some NLP,  body tracking, plus practice answering coaching questions for your own experiential healing. 

Intutiive Development

Learn about energy hygiene, how to trust your intuition, remote viewing and ethics

Facilitating one on one and group sessions

Learn how to apply this work in private one on one sessions or as a five week group series. A protocol is provided

discovery, self love & being in service


Each Week you will learn about the 5 Elements, coaching questions, Counselling skills and your own self mastery .


+ Interactive classes with live Q&A

+ Opportunity to practice facilitating

+ Handouts and notes

+ Class is recorded for revision

+ Email Support

+ Self Assessment 

+ Certificate of completion

Build Confidence

This is a rich learning with layers of theory, practice and experience that suites the kinesthetic, audio or visual learner. The training is offered in a gentle, repetitive, inclusive and encouraging way.

How we learn

Kinesthetic, Visual and Audio learning

You are the subject of study

Guided meditations to deepen and anchor learning

Booklets and handouts for easy session guidelines


+ live Workshop, together in the same room, online +


$510 - Early Bird

Option to pay in CAD, AUD or USD dollars.


If you cant make these dates:

Please note that each class is recorded live,

so there is no problem if you miss a class or these times don't work for you - We have your back.

These videos will remain available for one week after each class..



APRIL 2021

Vancouver Time: Sat 4 pm

April 10, 17, 24 & May 2,8

Sydney Time: 9 am Sunday

April 11, 18, 25 & May 2, 9



Kind Words from Hannah 

"This course is invaluable for those who are wishing to deepen their knowledge of self and to reconnect to the universal rhythms, cycles and elemental energies of this planet and also to learn deeper listening and skills to potentially empower others


I found the course Empowering! Empowerment through knowledge and wisdom. I deepend my knowledge of self by learning, exploring and experiencing concepts and the essence of the Elements and loved integrating them into my everyday life. 


What I loved:

*Making a connection between what I knew of myself and my outer world 

*Connecting the seasons with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of myself

*The introductory and closing prayers and intentions and how they embodied the essence of each Element

*Integrating each session by exploring self mastery questions each week at home... Powerful!

*The meditations, again with the essence of the Elements.. Very powerful

*The self mastery cards! A tangible and long lasting integration and practice of the Elements 

*Learning about the importance of and the skills of deeper listening and empowering others by questioning rather than telling and the techniques to use... Very interesting and invaluable perspective change for me" H. Bound

About Adria Ellis

Adria is an aproved trainer by IICT in both Canada and Australia.

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