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Kind Words



"I just wanted to thank you so much for the past week!! I don’t think I have ever quite experienced such a great course. You truly are a wonderful teacher as now that I’m home everything I’ve been thinking about is acupressure, even when I wake up in the night, my first thought is about meridian or points."  Virginia

"It was an amazing journey - Life Changing! From laughing to crying, it was all very healing. The best way I've ever learned anything. Adria is a true angel. Thank you" Bianca

"I loved every bit of this course. Easy to understand the teaching techniques, and I know this course has changed my practice for the better." Tania

"I didn't know what to expect, never had acupressure before but I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed learning about all the elements and their qualities. Adria is a fantastic (juicy) teacher and made the course fun and encouraged every single one of us on this beautiful journey." Simone

"The whole experience was far greater than what i had hoped for. Adria is very nurturing. This course helped me personally and to step towards my path and to believe and trust in myself. It was empowering, nurturing and nourishing for the mind body and soul as a whole."

"This journey of learning was an experience I will never forget. I came as someone who thought they might not be right for the course and left as someone who is more than enough. Fusion Acupressure is a journey about your self while inspiring you to become curious about others. It was awesome!" Jodi


Lesley is a yoga instructor who wanted to learn more about energy through the Fusion Acupressure method. She loved the unique integration of breath, qi gong, the energy within us, and calling on source energy.

Luu loved that the Fusion Acupressure method integrates everything that is important for healing - the physical, energetic and spiritual. The course taught her so much about herself and how her body works!

Joyce loved that the Fusion Acupressure Training combines the whole body and hopes to help her husband, daughter, and others in her life.

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