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About Adria

BsSc, Registered Therapeutic Counselor, MQG Practitioner,

Director of Fusion Acupressure, Reiki, Advanced Psych-K®


my journey, my offering

Adria began her studies in the healing arts over 20 years ago, weaving the philosophies of ancient Chinese Acupressure, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Qi Gong Techniques into her personal life and those of her clients. Her journey began at the age of 14 and she began her professional practice in Sydney Australia in 2006.


Over the past 10 years Adria has been working as a full time acupressure therapist specializing in energy healing, inner guidance and intuitive coaching techniques. Her practice is an integration of techniques she has acquired from years of honored teachers. Fusion healing, whether as a session or a class, includes  principles of transpersonal psychology, ancient taoist wisdom and somatic therapy.


Adria has worked extensively with clients moving through physical pain, tension, sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, grief and loss, depression and relationship conflict. Her life has been a journey echoing simillar loss, fears and struggle and she brings compassion and strength to her work, encouraging empowerment and an opportunity to return to love, peace and wholeness.


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