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Master Certificate

Deepen your Confidence & Skill


If you want to feel confident as a practitioner,

you will want to complete all of the Master Certificate requirements.
In addition to the Practitioner Certificate and the Advanced Certificate you need to complete
+ The Five Element Coaching Certificate Online
Find out more
+ Four private mentoring sessions Online
Find out more
+ Submit your client log of 30 sessions

five modules for your 
Master Certificate: 

1. The Practitioner Certificate - 6.5 Days

This training is about the Five Elements. You learn basic coaching techniques and over 100 acupressure points and how to apply them for effective sessions. The focus is on how to create balance and healing for your self and for clients

*This training is recognized by IICT and eligible for insurance

2. The Advanced Certificate - 4.5 Days 

This training deepens your understanding of the energy body where you learn about the Extraordinary Channels, connect and trust your intuition and learn how to create your own recipies. The focus is on the client and intuition/energy. 

*The Advanced training can follow the Practitioner training for an 11 day immersion.

3. Five Element Coaching - Online

This four week online training is a deep journey into your own psyche so you can hold space for others with a solid sense of knowing who you are in the world. It also teaches you how to hold Self Mastery Circles for group sessions so you can offer your skills and wisdom to a larger community.

*There are no pre-requisites for this workshop

4. Private Mentoring - 4 Online Sessions

These private half hour sessions are designed to help you build confidence, to learn and to integrate. You are also encouraged to identify your goals with this work, and find helpful skills to support you in moving forward. 

*These sessions are reccomended once you have completed the Practitioner or Advanced Training

5. Submit Client Log & Bio

This final step is to ensure you have the solid experience in giving sessions and the support you need to create a bio for marketing yourself. 

Your Master Certificate Requirements  

Step 1. Practitioner Certificate - 6.5 Day Immersion

Step 2. Advanced Certificate - 4.5 Day Immersion

Step 3. Five Element Coaching - 4 Week Online Group

Step 4. Private Mentoring x four half hour Sessions - Online

Step 5. Submit your record log of 30 Client sessions

BONUS: A lifetime practitioner listing on the website

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About Adria Ellis

Adria is an aproved trainer by IICT in both Canada and Australia.

Certificate training is recognised by IICT

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