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Fusion Acupressure - E Book

Explore + Learn + Discover

over 180 pages of rich content to deepen your understanding

If you are seeking to enhance your work with clients and you are interested in integrating energy work and talk therapy without the commitment of a three-year counseling program or the physical strain of massage or acupuncture studies, then what you need is a resource that offers a fusion of ancient Chinese philosophy, energy healing, Western psychotherapy tools, and life coaching techniques.


This book offers a comprehensive approach that combines methods with a proven track record spanning over 3,000 years, along with the effectiveness of talk therapy and the skills required to be an impactful practitioner. It provides valuable insights and practical guidance for those looking to integrate these modalities into their practice.

About the Fusion Acupressure book:

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This book is structured into several sections to facilitate your learning and understanding of Fusion Acupressure with over 180 pages expanding on the Eastern and Westren Principles of the Fusion Acupressure Method.

The first section, "Introducing Philosophy," provides an overview of the philosophy behind Fusion Acupressure, including the principles of yin yang theory and the significance of meridians in the context of fusion healing.

The next section, "5 Elements & Acupressure," delves into the five elements and their connection to the meridians. It explores how these elements influence us physically, emotionally, and psycho-spiritually. Additionally, this section covers the location of over 100 pressure points along the meridians, enabling you to effectively apply acupressure techniques. With over 100 pressure points to practice.

In the "Coaching Techniques" section, you will discover talk therapy techniques aimed at deepening rapport and enhancing the quality of your sessions. These techniques are designed to encourage clients to open up and heal their emotions. This section caters to both practitioners and those seeking advanced skills in Fusion Acupressure.

The "Self Care & Practice" section provides guidance on how to give a Fusion Acupressure session. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have already studied Fusion Acupressure and wish to refine their skills. This section also incorporates coaching questions specific to the meridians, allowing you to deepen your personal exploration and develop coaching techniques directly related to the meridians.

Overall, this book offers a comprehensive approach to Fusion Acupressure, combining philosophy, meridian theory, acupressure techniques, coaching strategies, and self-care practices. It aims to support your learning journey and empower you to apply Fusion Acupressure effectively in your practice.

The eBook is $34.95 AUD

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