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Advanced Practitioner Certificate

Advanced Practitioner Certificate 
energy - Intuition - Healing 
 Deepen Your Passion & Build Confidence 

This training is available to you as a 4.5 Day Retreat 



Are you interested in learning more?
Deepen Your passion & Learning

Psychic Channels

Belief Bands

Energy Clearing

Surrogate Muscle Testing

How to Make Your Own Recipe

Intuitive Development

Emotional Hygiene

Retreat Immersion
Experience four and a half days of deep immersion and practice.
This retreat like experience is filled with both theory and practical application, that explores the energetic and spiritual realm of acupressure. Develop intuitive skills, talk therapy, point location and learn new recipes that work with the etheric body. 
This is the ideal choice to build confidence and deepen your experience as a practitioner.

The Curriculum

Belief Bands

Learn what the body is holding psycho-somatically. This view of the body helps us learn what messages are and are not being expressed physically. How emotions and beliefs are locked in our body and body language.

Psychic Channels, or Extraordinary Channels

Learn 8 Channels referred to as the Psychic, Strange or Extraordinary Channels. These are different to the meridians & work to create full homeostasis in the body, mind & psyche. Discover how to switch these channels on for ultimate balance.

Intuitive Development

Learn how to access your higher consciousness. You will be introduced to meditation and techniques to help you understand what is an intuitive hunch and how to support your client and your personal life.

Muscle Testing

You will learn a simple technique to support you in your assessments so you can work with your clients' energetic body in determining which session is right for them.

Group Check in

This will gift each other an opportunity to share and understand your emotional blocks and personal resistance that is showing up in love, work and your practice. The value of this is to offer emotional hygiene. Clearing your own beliefs  so you can better support your client.

Why You Will Love This Training
Small Group Size
Build Confidence
Deepen your Connection to Source, Your Guides & Intuition
Dynamic Recipes to make lasting change with your clients
Emotional Hygiene & Connection
Convenience from Any Where in the World
Fun, Loving, Playful and Insightful
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About Adria Ellis

Adria is an aproved trainer by IICT in both Canada and Australia.

Certificate training is recognised by IICT

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