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Acupressure 4 all
6 Weeks of Magic

Working together online takes a different kind of commitment, and so I thought I would give a detailed outline of what is required and expected so that you can make your registration with confidence.

What is Included

This is going to be an incredible journey together. In addition to the live workshops, you will also receive:

+ An 80 page manual
+ 7 coloured charts
+ 2.5 hour video to watch before we begin
+ 4 private one on one coaching sessions for Q& A, Check in and to review point location A Face book group to discuss, share and ask questions
+ Certificate of completion with recognition by IICT

Rates and Registration

What you will need

• You are required to have/borrow a massage table • Two sheets
• One pillow for under the knees
• Pen and note books for taking notes etc

• A tennis ball or rolled socks for learning points on the back (the Water Element) • Reliable high speed internet

• Headsets are recommended as they help to reduce background noise


Class manual and charts:


• Once your deposit has been made you will receive a complimentary 2.5 hour introduction to acupressure video. I recommend watching this to begin to familiarize yourself with the work and some basic themes.



• You will be emailed a link to an
• 80 page manual to download and print

• single or double sided and spiral bound - black and white • 7 coloured charts to be printed in colour

• I suggest using a plastic sheet to store them if you have one • Total print cost generally comes to about $25 to $30



• The Peter Deadman point location App can be a helpful resource. It is not necessary because you will be given a manual, however it offers both videos and detailed images for each pressure point in case you feel you need further resources. We will be studying 100 points out of the 400 points in the App.




• It is important that you are able to schedule a client to work at the time suggested below. They need to know that you are in a class setting, that most days the sessions will be held within a private break-out room which means I will be the only person coming around to see how everything is going and to guide you in your work. Please let them know that their session is confidential within the class room context.


Practice Makes Perfect

• You will also be required to practice an additional session between classes to familiarize yourself with the points, working with clients, and identify where you need support.

Commitment to Self:

It is important that you acknowledge to yourself that you are a student and that the person on the table is here to help you to learn (while they benefit immensely).

Private Coaching Sessions

You will be required to book in 4 half hour coaching sessions with me privately. The intention of these sessions is to go over points, check in with how you are feeling personally, support you with any questions you may be having and to ensure you are getting the most out of this course.

Sessions can be booked between Wednesday and Sunday. These must be completed by the 20th of December. I recommend choosing a time and day that works for you and committing to that for the four sessions.



The rates for this training is normally $1400, however the early bird rate is $1100 (one month prior to start date)

To register please email me a brief note as to “why this training appeals to you" and I will forward an invoice with payment options to you.

Dates & Times Sydney Australia - July 2021

General Itinerary:

7:30 am: Qi Gong
8:00 to 11:15 theory, point location and demo
11:15 to 11:45 lunch
12:15-1:15 Session with friend or family in the zoom classroom.

July 5th, Monday 7:30 to 1:30 - Acu Facial

July 12, Monday 7:30 to 1:30- Metal

July 19th, Monday 7:30 to 1:30 - Earth

July 26th Monday 7:30 to 1:30 - Fire

August 2nd Monday 7:30 to 1:30- Water

August 9th Monday 7:30 to 1:30 - Wood 

Dates & Times Vancouver Canada - July 2021

General Itinerary:

2:30 pm: Qi Gong
3:00 to 6:15 theory, point location and demo
6:15 to 6:45pm dinner
7:15-18:30 Session with friend or family in the zoom classroom.

July 4th, Sunday, 2:30-8:30 pm  - Acu Facial

July 11th, Sunday, 2:30-8:30 pm - Metal

July 18th, Sunday, 2:30-8:30 pm - Earth

July 25th, Sunday, 2:30-8:30 pm - Fire

August 1st Sunday, 2:30-8:30 pm - Water

August 8th Sunday, 2:30-8:30 pm- Wood 

Check List & Summary

You are required to
Attend 90% of class time

Have clients scheduled for the lat 90 minutes of each class Schedule a client to practice on between sessions
Join facebook group
Book your 4 private coaching sessions

Print your manual and charts
Commit to showing up 100% on a magical journey for yourself and with others

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