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Acupressure 4 all


April 10 - 16th, 2020


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Set on a beautiful spa setting close to the ocean and a  lovely cafe culture,

you will feel hugged and comfortable in this unique spa setting. 

Opening Ceremony at 7 pm 10th April.

Classes commence the 11th to 16th from 9 to 5:30pm.

Accommodation & Meals are separate,

This is a non-residential training, please feel free to contact us for suggested accomodation.

There is a highly recommended cafe across from the spa for lunches etc

Course Rate 

Practitioner Training: $1450 CAD (aprox £800)


Secure your interest with a $250 CAD (£150) deposit 

Limited space, so registering interest is essential

Deposits have been converted to Canadian currency at check out.

How To Book


Please forward any enquiries or requests to me via the link below​

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